The Customized Bay Window Curtain Rod Can Further Add to The Elegance of Your Home Décor

Flex Tracks is one company that brings you quality curtain tracks suitable for all your requirements to décor your home elegantly. It is a one stop shop for not only versatile curtain track systems but also the necessary accessories to install the tracks on your own without the necessity of calling a plumber. Their speciality is not just the curtain straight tracks but also those that can be bendable and flexible to suit to any shape and size of your curtain needs. They bring you both window as well as ceiling curtain tracks that are designed and can be customised to meet the window or ceiling shape and size of your home. When it comes to bay windows many people find it difficult to hang their curtains as they cannot find a suitable track that can fit to into the shape of the window. As prefabricated tracks could not fit in the bill they have to go for the tracks that are cut and welded to bring in the desired shape. This would surely hamper the look of your bay window curtain system.



However, now with the bay window treatments offered by Flex Tracks you can easily find a solution to this problem. No doubt bay windows surely add an elegance to your home design and are the favourites for architects. With the availability of the bay window curtain rod from Flex Tracks this design is once again becoming a popular choice as you can now easily find the bay window rods to even the most unusual bay window shapes. These window rods are available from the company in different materials, colours, length and price for you to make a choice. The track can be easily mounted to the bay window wall using the easy to install guide offered along with the product for you to do it yourself without the necessity of a plumber. You can find all the necessary parts like curtain hooks, brackets and end caps also come along with the product package offering a wonderful solution for your bay windows curtain requirements. The curtain tracks come in the best quality and price that would surly add to the value of your interior décor.


Flex tracks has won the prestigious WCMA 2013 product award for their innovative and versatile drapery hardware products which you can now order online and have them delivered to your home.


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